Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday my friends,
I'm sorry I haven't posted any crafty creations in a few days, but I'm working on redecorating my kitchen. You know how one thing leads to another...well thats what happened. Our ice maker at home leaked all over so hubby decided to get a new stainlees steel fridge and I didn't want everything to not match, so we ended up with all new stainless appliances. So now since it is stainless we had to change the cabinet knobs from brass to stainless and figured we should repaint and do new counters-ugh!! We have stainless appliances,med wood cabinets and I can't figure out what color to paint and for the counters. I was thinking black counters, but what for the walls?? Any suggestions? This is keeping me up at night.

The appliances will be here Tuesday, so painting tomorrow, if I can figure out what color. Please make suggestions. I will be back to crafting soon. Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter.

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  1. If you like light colors, I would stay in the brown family but on the lighter side. If you like yellow, it would bring out the yellow in the wood. I have antique cherry cabinets, stainless appliances and beige marble counters. We painted our walls green (I know it sounds crazy) and then put an antique glaze over it. (The walls are textured, too). I love it!!! Good luck :)